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Uniforms and Equipment 

Rule #1:  Put the player’s name on everything.


Rowayton Little League will provide each player with a team hat, pants and jersey. For player-pitch divisions, you may want to consider a black or dark-colored long sleeve shirt to go underneath the team jersey as pitchers are not allowed to wear white. Spring practices and games can be chilly.


They are mandatory for all boys who play catcher and are suggested for all player pitch divisions.


Rubber cleats are recommended over sneakers. Metal cleats are not allowed.


A 6-8 year old needs a youth glove, which is light enough for the player to move it easily.  Select a leather glove but do not spend more than necessary for a glove that will only be used a season or two. If you will be passing the glove on to a sibling, a glove of decent quality is worthwhile.
A 9-10 year old who is going into AAA may get by with last year’s glove but by the time the player reaches the Minor League, a larger glove is needed (appropriate sizes should not exceed 11.5”).  Keep in mind, an outfielder uses a larger glove and an infielder uses a smaller glove. If they are committed to Little League baseball or will be passing the glove onto a sibling, it is worth while to invest in a good quality glove. A good glove at this age could last through the Majors and possibly high school.
11-12 year olds who plan to go into the majors should have a glove that takes into consideration the position(s) they are playing. A second glove for a different position may be warranted, such as a catcher or first baseman’s glove.


There are a number of quality bats in all sizes and prices. The most common mistake parents make is buying a bat that is too heavy for the player.  We suggest letting the athlete go to practice and hit with the different team bats available.  Then discuss with the coach what bat size and weight is best for your child.  The two top criteria should be a bat light enough for a hitter to have good bat control and bat speed. Also note that bats must have a USA approved logo which is the only bat allowed by Little League International.

Batting Gloves

They are nice to have in the spring when the weather is cold but are not mandatory or necessary to be a better hitter.

Batting Helmets

While Rowayton Little League provides helmets for Tee-ball, A-ball and AA, It is generally recommended that all players have their own helmet. AAA and Majors players may opt to to utilize a "C-flap" which provides additional protection. 

Sliding Pants

They are nice to have but not a necessity.


Buy balls to practice with that are similar to the ones used at practices and games. 

Other useful practice items

A Tee-ball kit is a great training device to help improve swing and help to focus on the ball. A Pitch-back, Rebounder or Playback helps improve catching and throwing skills and can be used for individual practice.

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